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Kaylaa works with harmonic frequencies to adjust and bring stability to the emotional energies of Hybrid and Crystal children. Her unique connection to emotional frequency acts to bridge a child’s higher dimensional, intergalactic energies with their physical structure here on the Earth plane.


Guided on her spiritual path by Yeshua and the Christ Collective, Kaylaa also works closely with the Yahyel, Dolphin, and Diamond Children Collectives. She vibrationally balances the heart chakra to bring children into alignment with their own distinctive vibration. Her healing work correlates with the need for a new interpretation and perception that is manifesting through today’s Starseed and Hybrid children.


With a highly activated throat chakra, Kaylaa’s use of Light Language and vocal frequencies acts as a catalyst for the restoral of one’s original divine blueprint and geometric sound signature. As a clear channel for Truth, her words spark a deep recognition of the invitation for healing that calls to us from our Divine Inner Child, our true connection to Self as Source.


Kaylaa has a Master’s Degree in Education and is a licensed Intervention Specialist. For 15 years she worked as a teacher counselor of children with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities. While immersed in the 3rd dimensional educational system, her multidimensional connection created an environment that allowed her students to safely release and transmute their discordant energies.


Kaylaa founded Young Ascended Masters in 2021, incorporating

her knowledge and understanding of emotional development, brain-based learning, meditation, and spirituality, to guide and mentor spiritually gifted youth and their parents in the movement to higher consciousness. Recognizing a powerful evolutionary shift taking place within Young Ascended Masters, Kaylaa was guided to proclaim its energetic rebirth on 2/22/2022, coinciding with the completion of the opening of the Aquarian Stargate, bringing her into even greater alignment with her soul’s purpose and galactic mission.

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My Story

I’ve spent almost the entirety of my life seeking the answer to the question, ‘Why am I here?’ At age 4, my 2 ½ year old sister died and left a void in my heart and an imprint on my psyche that affected the next 50 years of my life. Looking back now and recognizing myself as an empath, it’s easy to understand how I carried not only my own unresolved feelings of loss, but the deep and unspoken grief of my parents throughout my childhood. That foundational grief, then compounded by both a tumultuous family environment and the guilt-ridden influences of being raised within the Catholic Church, resulted in my experiencing a deep depression throughout my teenage and young adult years. Fortunately, I found temporary relief through academic and sports achievement making it easier to project a well-adjusted persona to the outside world. But within, I suffered and struggled to find any meaning or purpose for staying alive.   

Thankfully, our souls are compassionate and wise when engaging in the process of designing their own divine blueprint for their incarnation experience on this planet. Key codes are set to activate and people are positioned to intervene to offer support in moving us along our human path should circumstances lead us too far astray; should the densities surrounding us in this most challenging times on this planet cause us to forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

And so it was in my life’s journey. People showed up at the right time to introduce me to the metaphysical world. I was given the strength to choose to cut the cords of programming that kept me shackled to belief systems that allowed me to perceive myself as flawed and insignificant. I opened myself up to the possibility that there was a loving Higher Power. And the first signs of my remembering and awakening took place as Ascended Master Yeshua himself ‘plopped down’ beside me in the passenger seat of my sports car one day!  

Not long after, at 32 years of age, I was gifted with a vision of my soul’s experience of being present in the Divine Light just prior to my birth. It wasn’t really a vision. I was in that place once again, outside of time and space. I was pure Light, conversing with pure Love, and I said ‘Yes’ to take part in the adventure of donning this ‘human suit’. This Divine Source Love told me that I would forget the ecstasy of that moment once I was birthed, and that my I would live for many years in that space of illusionary separation. But I was given a promise. The promise was made that I would remember once again. And it would be through the very gift of my presence and the Love that emanates from my heart space that I would be able to give first-hand witness to that Divine Light and Love from which we all came.  And thus, it was in having that visionary timeless experience of remembering that was the fulfillment of the promise.

I had no idea back then of even the most basic of spiritual concepts that we talk about today. The layers of meaning revealed in this experience continued to unfold for me over the next 30 years… that we have consciousness before we are born... that we do, indeed, ask to be born... that we choose our parents and ancestral families.

This “story” (see 'My Soul's Story' below) even answers the question of mission and purpose…that at the highest level we are here to simply to live out the presence of Love. And from the moment we enter this physical realm… our womb experience begins to shape us at the deepest levels... that we come into this world veiled from remembering… and that Source connects itself to us through our heart space in a way that can never be broken. 

And the next 25 years were never the same. By no means did my life suddenly become perfect and absent of the need for healing. I still experienced recurring periods of despair and questioning. I continued take every personal growth and development opportunity available and pursue a deepening of my spiritual understanding of what this visionary experience even meant. But my soul had awakened. Regardless of the trials and obstacles presented, I carried that deep knowing that I came from a place of Light and ecstatic Love energy, and that would be the place I’d be returning to one day. 

I share more about the unfolding of my spiritual journey in my first presentation given in 2019 entitled “Conscious Children: Ambassadors of the 5th Dimension” (on YouTube). In it you can learn about my early work with conscious youth, and get a perspective of how my personal journey led me to discover my passion and recognition of myself as Teacher and Guide to these incredible multidimensional children. 

Since 2018, I’ve grown in awareness that my mission and purpose is to use my ever-evolving multidimensional abilities and healing capabilities to work with harmonic frequencies to adjust and bring stability to the emotional energies of Crystal and Hybrid children. My unique connection to emotional frequency acts to bridge a child’s higher dimensional, intergalactic energies with their physical structure here on the Earth plane. Through the use of toning and Light Language, the sound harmonics vibrationally balance the heart chakra to bring both children and adults into alignment with their own distinctive vibration and original sound signature.  


I am guided on this spiritual path by the Christ Collective and Yeshua, and work closely with the Yahyel and Dolphin collectives. And when I am interacting with the children in my groups, the Diamond and Hybrid Children collectives always make their presence known. 

My emotionally difficult trek throughout my lifetime was by brilliant design. “We walk the human story we are meant to transmute in others.” When I first heard those words, I felt as if the final piece of framework was completed in the puzzle of my life. Now I could begin with a rearranging the pieces within. I finally had an answer for that original question I began asking so many years ago: “Why am I here?”   

As the puzzle pieces began putting themselves together, it was like one of those ‘Duh, aha!’ moments. Of course it was no accident that my soul desired for my human experience to involve knowing first-hand of the depths of pain and suffering that we can encounter on this physical plane. Only then would I be prepared to connect at that fullest and most deepest level with an authentic and compassionate heart.  

My Story
My Soul's Story
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My Soul's Story

A Sparkle in God’s Eye 


In the beginning was the Light… 

God was in the Light… 

God was the Light… 

And the Love within this Light was about to be shared… 

A sparkle appeared in God’s eye as He contemplated yet another way to express His Love. If one listened carefully, a conversation could be overheard in the Light. It was the voice of God. “Would you like to be born?” He asked. “Will you go to Earth and live out my presence? I have such great Love for you – for all. Will you allow me to express my Love through you?” 


The spirit to which He spoke was overwhelmed with His Love. What a privilege! Without a moment of hesitation, the spirit answered “YES!” 


God smiled. “But wait!” He said. “Before you answer, I have more to ask of you. You may have to bear many difficult and painful years. The family in which I have chosen for you to live does not remember me as you know me now. Nor will you remember me for many years when you leave here. My heart aches knowing this, yet I send you out because I love you so.” 


The spirit listened carefully. God continued. “I will be with you through it all. I promise. I can only hope that you will remember my promise. As you find your heart breaking due to troubled times, mine, too, will be breaking. But I trust and believe that you will return to my Love. You are strong. You will survive. And most importantly, you will REMEMBER! 


“Knowing this is what lays ahead, my love, do you still want to go?” He asked gently. 


“YES!  YES!  How can I say no to YOU?  My soul explodes with your Love. What an honor to know that you love and trust me so. You are willing to lose me in order to allow your Love to grow within me. I will go… and You know I love a challenge!” the spirit quickly added with a touch of humor. “If I can somehow be used to live out Your Presence, I shall. My heart aches though, as you tell me I will not remember You.”  


A quiet, intimate moment passes between them. After taking a deep breath, the spirit continued slowly. “But, if You, my God, ask me to go, I absolutely say YES!” 


As this final YES was uttered, the spirit was hurdled from the Light.  

CREATION!!  Life, as it is known to us on Earth, began. Conception. With unimaginable speed, cells began to multiply. Clinging to the uterine wall, they formed. A little girl was being created – forming from within her earthly mother.  

Those months in the womb seemed very long. God was with her, reassuring her along the way. His Love surrounded her and she knew it. However, the difficulty that He had warned her of had already begun. 

This spirit-filled little fetus didn’t know it then, but each time her shoulders felt tight and her stomach began to ache, her mother was going through very stressful times and was very frightened. How could she know that her mother was being abused? How could she know that her mother’s anxiety was due to failed attempts at filing for a divorce during these nine months? 

How could she know that her mother worried about bringing her into the world; wanting her baby, wanting to protect her, yet unable to protect herself? How could she know that this woman’s husband, her own father, often drank, causing him to get angry and violent? 


She couldn’t. All she knew was that it sometimes hurt to be in this place. 


“God, I’m scared. Where are you? I hurt. I want to come back. I want to come home. Make it stop hurting. Please.” 


God was with her as he had promised. In response to her pleas, He touched her mother in special ways during those months. When her mother’s tension increased, His Love and Presence brought her some peace and allowed her to relax. Thus, so did the surroundings of the little fetus. 


At last, on Friday, October 16, 1959, at 9:26 pm, God’s beautiful creation was ready to be born into the world. She emerged from the womb to find Jesus waiting for her. Jesus held her close for what was to be the last time in many years. No longer was she just a “sparkle in God’s eye”, but a precious child in God’s arms. 


There, in the delivery room, time stood still. Their eyes locked in a loving embrace, each knowing the other for one final moment. Their hearts ached as they both knew she would forget this Love that was being shared.  

Jesus assured her one last time that He would always be watching over her, loving her. As a sign of this promise, just seconds before the umbilical cord was about to be cut – this baby’s physical life-giving source – Jesus connected Himself to her with a fine cord of Light, of Love, which could never be severed. She would have a continuous Source of Life from that moment on. 

Then, He kissed her good-bye. With tears in His eyes, Jesus handed his precious child to her earthly mother ...and she no longer remembered. 

Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

O Creator Source God, 


You breathed me into existence as a Sparkle of Light


flickering from your eye… 


and upon your Breath came a Sound


that reverberated throughout 


the unending Universe.


In a wonderous union, the illuminous Song of my Soul


came into Being.


As I travel the timeless multi-verses


as your Emissary of Love,


 may my Beacon of Light illuminate the path


for others to see


with Divine Clarity… 


and may the sweet Song of my Heart


be heard as the lyrics


of your Divine Truth.


Countless incarnations have prepared me


to carry out the fulfillment of my mission


in this lifetime.


And so it is… in this moment…


I declare with Sacred Conviction


and Purity of Intention,


 unceasingly call forth the Power of Divine Source


to shine through me,


so that others may see and experience


the Sparkle of Divine Love in my eyes


as the True reflection of the Divine Love\


living within themselves.

- Kaylaa Kayce, Personal Mission Statement 

The message I’d like to leave you with as you click away from this page and continue to move forward on your own awakening path of ascension and incension is this: 

KNOW… with utter certainty…that this isn’t just my soul’s story…that this is our shared story.

Yes, the details are unique to me, but the promise is Universal…we are each given that promise of “remembering”, and given that unbreakable cord and bond of Light and Love. And this is our children’s story as well.  

Whether our remembrance of Source exists at our birth, as it does for some of today’s high-vibrational children, or whether it takes 32 years to be revealed as it did with me, or whether it comes just prior to taking our last breath in this body… TRUST and KNOW…that God’s promise WILL be fulfilled. 

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