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Youth Virtual Community
Parent Virtual Community
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Virtual Community Gathering Programs

For Youth & Parents

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Young Masters Virtual Community Groups

$11 per family/session

Young Masters virtual community groups provide our spiritually gifted and intuitive youth a safe space for self-discovery and emotional and spiritual growth.  


Through her mentorship and intuitive guidance, Kaylaa Kayce empowers spiritually gifted and awakening youth to approach their abilities with playful curiosity as they explore a variety of metaphysical topics. Supported by their peers who share similar physical and non-physical experiences, and the gentle wisdom and expertise of notable healers and teachers who join them each month, your child will engage in interactive discussions and activities that range from learning techniques to navigate through life as an empath, taking control of their thoughts and beliefs, and managing their energy fields, to developing and practicing such abilities as channeling, remote viewing, and speaking Light language. 


Each child participates in 2 live sessions per month. One gathering is in smaller groups based on age (Children’s Gathering, ages 8-12; Teen Gathering, ages 13-18). One gathering combines both groups into a larger community (ages 8-18) to experience our featured guest teacher.  

View our upcoming featured teachers

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Ascending Parents Virtual Gatherings

$11 per session

THE GATHERING PLACE is a spiritual empowerment group for parents who have embarked on the journey of raising today’s spiritually gifted children.  


Kaylaa Kayce facilitates two live online monthly community gatherings (every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month) for parents with children of any age who are seeking both support from other like-minded parents as well as an opportunity to share experiences and contribute in the co-creation of this new 5th-dimensional paradigm of parenting.  


She offers her expertise, knowledge and spiritual insights as she holds the shared goal and vision of each parent, which is to assist their young ascended master in remembering and embracing who they truly are while simultaneously helping them learn how to navigate through the challenges of their young lives. Learn creative new ways to engage with your intuitive child, and how to recognize and support their emerging abilities. Receive guidance on how to talk about spiritual matters. Gain a better understanding of how to assist your child in bridging their physical and non-physical experiences.  


Parents can continue their conversations and deepen their connections with each other throughout the month in private Signal and Facebook groups.  

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Denise Mange
Founder of Pet Prana, Pet Intuitive and Certified Dog Trainer

Through Young Ascended Masters Kaylaa creates a safe and meaningful, yet playful space for children and their parents to navigate spiritual exploration. Not only does Kaylaa have a deep connection with, understanding of, and compassion for children who are beginning to understand and master their spiritual aspects, but her credentials and background in education give her the practical tools to ensure she is addressing both spiritual and practical, developmental considerations. Playful, kind, and heartfelt, Kaylaa is an ideal person to lead these amazing kids in exploration of who they are.

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