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Virtual Community Gatherings

For Parents

Young Ascended Masters offers group support and spiritual development opportunities for highly sensitive and intuitive youth and their parents in a welcoming and accepting environment with others just like themselves.  

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Wednesday, December 14th , 7:00 - 9:00pm EST

Topic: Communication - Asking the right question

Session One



Wednesday, December 28th, 7:00 - 9:00pm EST

Session Two


The Gathering Place

For parents with children of any age 

Being a parent has to be one of the most challenging soul paths one could choose to undertake while embodied on this planet. And with the arrival of today’s highly spiritually evolved children, following that old, once-reliable "how-to-raise-your-child" map and its directions for traversing that trail no longer works.  

We’ve shifted into a new 5th-Dimensional paradigm of parenting. It requires us to fully embrace the idea that we don’t own our children. It requires us to become co-creators together with them. It requires that we teach and learn from each other. 


But what does that really mean? What does that look like within the day-to-day responsibilities and activities of raising your family? It’s likely to appear as if it's a repetitive cycle of trial-and-error. Unfortunately, when surrounded by family and friends who have yet to make the shift in consciousness necessary to perceive your spiritually gifted child as you do, it can feel as if you are alone on an island.  

Parents, you aren’t alone... your tribe awaits you! 

Join us at “The Gathering Place” and meet other like-minded and soul-inspired parents who have also embarked on the journey of raising today’s spiritually gifted children. 

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If you are parenting a child (of any age) and just need a little reassurance that you are doing all you can to nurture the further development of their abilities. 


If you are struggling with the challenges that naturally come with parenting a gifted child and want additional resources to help meet those challenges. 


 If you are looking for a safe/supportive space to just 'let your hair down' and talk some 'real talk' about your experiences without fear of judgement or criticism. 


If you want to gift yourself with some "ME-time" and participate in authentic, spiritually grounded conversation intended to affirm who you are.



You are a magnificently Divine human being whose soul has chosen to walk this parenting path with your equally magnificent Divine child.

In addition to the opportunity to come together twice a month for support, discussion, and co-creation, parents can continue building community via the following platforms: a private Signal group and a private Facebook group. Receiving support and sharing your own wisdom with others is your divine birthright and we are honored to provide the space to do so. 

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Arden Springford
C.'s Mom from California

Thank you, Kaylaa, for creating the space to support kids in exploring and expanding their awareness and gifts. I greatly appreciate your sessions that discuss intriguing spiritual concepts and tools with kids. I benefit much from learning from these sessions, too!! My daughter and I can clearly feel your kind intention and skills in making each kid feel seen and heard – this takes someone with a big heart and huge understanding to facilitate these special discussions, especially when many of the exchanges are so “other worldly”!  

With your gentle encouragement, I witnessed my daughter grow from being anxious about saying a word in a group setting to increasing comfort and confidence in sharing her thoughts with others. Your work is special because you integrate your years of educational and counseling expertise, spiritual understanding, and your beautiful heart energies!