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Work with Kaylaa

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Whether you are scheduling a meeting with Kaylaa for a private session for healing, consultation, mentorship, or coaching, know that an energetic connection and transmission has already begun as soon as your intention is placed into the field. Kaylaa aligns with your Higher Self and Divine team of guides and collectives to bring forth the co-creative energies and wisdom that is in your Soul’s highest and best interest to receive. 

Private Sessions

$144/60 minutes

Individual sessions are unique and vary based on the intentions one brings forth.  

As you are invited to share the sacred space of present moment awareness, the zero point field, Kaylaa calls upon her many resources, both physical and non-physical, to facilitate the healing and spiritual expansion of one’s energetic bodies on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. An activation/transmission may be included in the session at which time you enter into a meditative state and are guided through a co-creative process that includes Light Language and healing tonal sound frequencies. 


This energetic exchange can result in:  

  • greater clarity of one’s own direction or purpose 

  • the dissolution of resistance to the alignment of your highest authentic expression

  • the disentanglement and release of imprinted patterns of belief

  • realignment and restoral of divine blueprint and original sound signature 

  • a joint session with parent and child can focus on clearing and strengthening the heart connection between them


Sessions may be scheduled for an adult, a child or young person, or joint parent/child. 

*Please note, a parent needs to be present if child is 6 yrs-old or younger.


Ongoing youth counsel/guidance is available as a multi-session rate package.  

Private Sessions

Consulting with Parents & Educators

$144/60 minutes

Kaylaa empowers both parents and educators to best support this next generation, meet their complex needs, and understand the unique challenges they face as young ascended masters navigating a 3rd dimensional world.  


Each consultation is held within the energies of the highest intention to bring forth peace and clarity to the parent and/or educator and the relationship they hold with their child(ren) and/or student(s). 

With a Master’s Degree in Education and 15 years’ experience in working as a teacher counselor of children with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities, Kaylaa lends her expertise in recognizing each child’s unique abilities, identifying how to honor and nurture them, and offers recommendations, strategies, and techniques across various topics, including: Conscious Parenting /  Social-Emotional curriculum / Trauma-based needs / Social-Emotional-Behavioral needs / Emotional Regulation and self-care / problem-solving and decision-making.  


Homeschool Coaching

Uniquely designed to reflect the needs of each family

“Learning is finding out that you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all Learners, Doers, and Teachers.” 

- Richard Bach, Author of

lllusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah 

As a mentor and teacher of spiritually gifted and highly intuitive children and young people Kaylaa is deeply aware of their need to engage in learning that ignites their creative passions, sparks their curiosity, and allows them to dive deeper into areas of personal interest that cultivate their innate strengths and abilities. She knows that highly empathic youth often suffer to survive within the overstimulated mainstream school environment that demands conformity in both behavior and knowledge.  

Having been immersed in the 3rd dimensional educational system herself, Kaylaa brings her perspective of knowing it's realities, limitations, and often disempowering regulations that keep mainstream educators trapped in an environment that forces compliance in regards to what they are able to offer their students.


Today, more than ever, parents are feeling the ‘nudge’ to remove their child(ren) from the existing mainstream educational system and make the choice for homeschooling and/or unschooling.
Perhaps this is you, but find that you are uncertain about making that decision. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin, or can’t envision how you can do so successfully given your current household/financial responsibilities, or simply feel as if you lack the knowledge and confidence.  
Perhaps this is your desire and your spouse is reluctant.  

Perhaps you are a parent who is already engaged in homeschooling/unschooling and are simply looking for additional emotional and curricular support. 

Kaylaa is offering a unique Homeschool Coaching Program that is designed to fit your individual needs, whether just starting out or as a seasoned homeschooler/unschooler. 

With a Master’s Degree in Education and 15 years’ experience in working at all levels, K-12, as an Intervention Specialist and teacher counselor of children with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities, Kaylaa lends her expertise in recognizing each child’s unique abilities, identifying how to honor and nurture them, and offers recommendations, strategies, and techniques across various topics, including: Conscious Parenting /  Social-Emotional curriculum / Trauma-based needs / Social-Emotional-Behavioral needs / Emotional Regulation and self-care / problem-solving and decision-making.  


Kaylaa is skilled in adapting and differentiating instruction and curriculum based on student interests and strengths. 


The program is designed for you to choose the level of assistance and resource you desire: 

  • One-time consultation to assist in clarification and direction 

  • Ongoing monthly support, including opportunities to engage with other homeschooling/unschooling parents 

  • Ongoing monthly support for your children 

  • Bi-weekly creative, multi-subject project curriculum supplements based on your child(ren)’s individual passions and interests (based on results of individual interest survey) 

If you are interested in learning more about this coaching opportunity and what it might look like for your individual circumstances and desires, please fill out the general interest form and schedule a complimentary 25-minute consultation/session. Come prepared with any additional questions you may have regarding this experience. Package options and fees will be discussed at that time. 

Homeschool Coaching

Starseed & Conscious Parenting Mentoring Program 


 “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

-Maya Angelou  

Kaylaa’s ability to establish a safe and loving connection with children and young people sets the foundation needed for a healthy and nurturing mentor/mentee relationship. Her Mentorship Program stands apart as it integrates spiritual development/guidance, mindset development, and youth life coaching.  

It’s a deeply guided exploration, a stepping-in and showing up for oneself, to discover more of who you are and why you are here.  


While in the program, you will: 

  • Focus on mindset development, increasing your ability to recognize and manage the power of your mind, thoughts, and belief systems. 

  • Learn how to manifest your intentions, dreams, and passions within the quantum field. 

  • Identify, develop, and practice your existing and emerging spiritual gifts and abilities. 

  • Increase self-confidence and become empowered to believe in yourself and embrace and claim your own Divine magnificence. 


This is a 3-month journey that includes: 

  • Two 75-90 minute private sessions per month (approximately two weeks apart)

  • One 15 minute informal check-in during off-weeks 

  • Review of journal entries via email in-between sessions (optional) 

  • Suggested activities for growth and expansion, such as journaling, how to establish a meditation practice for oneself 

  • Participation in virtual Youth and Parent Gatherings to cultivate community 

  • Access to all recordings and/or live courses that are offered to youth during program duration  

  • One 60-minute private session per month with parents  

The current investment for this program is $444.00 per month for three  consecutive months.  
This may be paid in full at the start of the program or in three monthly installments of $444.00.  

If you are interested in participating in this journey, please click here to schedule a complimentary 25-minute consultation/session to co-determine if this is a vibrational match for all.  Please come prepared to the consultation with any questions you may have regarding this experience. 

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List of All Courses

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Sheila Buchanan headshot - testimonial - Copy.jpg

Sheila Buchanan
Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, Multidimensional Channel and Teacher 

Last week (April 2022) I scheduled my first energy session with Kaylaa Kayce and I couldn't wait to share my experience so that others can benefit from her unique and powerful gifts.  I have done energy work professionally in the past and am very familiar with Reiki and other forms of healing.  However, I have never before experienced a session that produced such rapid change and breakthrough, until now.   


Kaylaa asked me to set an intention for the session and I thought about it very carefully over the days leading up to our appointment.  I chose something that I have struggled with for years, something that almost seemed impossible to shift.  Kaylaa started the session with a soothing meditation that immediately made me feel safe and open to receiving the tones, energy and frequency that she shared with me.  Very early into the session I had a vision that was related to my intention for the session, followed by an understanding that I had never grasped before that moment.  The understanding helped me to shift my perspective, leaving me in awe at the breakthrough that had just occurred so effortlessly and painlessly.  I then began to experience sensations throughout my body as my cells and organs adjusted to my new perspective and vibrational frequency.  I embraced the process and joined Kaylaa in toning an ‘OHM’ that seemed to anchor these changes permanently.   


I now have a visceral experience to refer to if the old fears creep in which will immediately raise my vibration and bring me back into balance.  I am so very grateful for Kaylaa's gifts and for her desire to share them with me and with others who are ready to heal old fears, traumas and beliefs so that they can live their best life.  Kaylaa provides a safe and loving space where everyone can show up as their authentic selves, allowing the highest form of healing to occur.  If you are ready for true transformation, Kaylaa can gently guide you there.  Her style is one that engages you in the co-creation of the healing frequencies, empowering you to make the changes that you need to make for yourself so they last and have lasting impact on your life.   

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Katherine Flynn headshot.jpg

Katherine Flynn
Channeler, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Purpose Coach

Working with Kayla was a profound experience of immediate healing.  During the transmission/activation, I could physically feel the healing taking place as I began to tingle and feel the energy shift. This was confirmed two later when my prior issues causing concern were no longer there. Kaylaa not only allows for you to heal physically, but gets to the emotional and spiritual root to heal at the source, knowing it will never be a concern again.  

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